Struggling in America

– A documentary photography project


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Struggling in America is comprised of photographs and interviews with families and individuals facing severe financial hardship, poverty, and homelessness.

Since 2014 I have been partnering with food banks, homeless shelters, and other social service agencies to photograph and interview individuals and families who are struggling every day to get by in this country. My goal is to travel throughout the United States, photographing and interviewing additional people, resulting in creating a book and an exhibition of my work


Most people in this country are insulated from the level of economic challenges and poverty that countless families and individuals deal with. Many Americans have preconceptions or stereotypical ideas of who these people are. I am certain that this is an issue that many more would be concerned about and sympathetic to, if they were made acutely aware of how deep the problem is by being exposed  to the  range of people living with this challenging reality.


A brief but compelling interview accompanies each photograph with a description of the person's  situation in their own words.




II have been providing photographs to the homeless shelters, food banks, and other agencies in exchange for their assistance in connecting me with people who are willing to be part of this project. The photographs I have provided have been used in annual reports, websites, and for large photographic displays in the agencies' lobbies and offices.


My work on this project has reminded me that given different life circumstances, these photographs  could just as easily be of me, my family, or close friends. My goal in creating this body of work is to spark that realization in others and inspire them to take action on this issue.



“I want to utilize the power of photography to help change the world for the better ”

                                                                                                                                                  ~ Owen Kahn



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